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Since they hold one of the smallest territories around the lake, RiverClan is quite protective over their borders, and is careful to patrol and remark them daily. RiverClan has relatively few borders around their territory: to the north of their territory is the ShadowClan border, marked notably by a Thunderpath and the Greenleaf Twolegplace; in the east of their territory is marshland and Horseplace beyond that, easily marking the WindClan border; to the south of their territory is a rather quiet Thunderpath that marks a border to no Clan but keeps rogues and loners away. To the north is the lake shore, which forms a natural border, though any cat may pass safely as long as they remain two tail-lengths away from the lake. RiverClan's lake shore is home to the treebridge to the island as well, and the other Clans will always cross their border to attend the Gathering.
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