The Borders

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Among the most aggressive border defenders are the fierce warriors of ShadowClan, who run patrols to remark their territory and patrol the borders daily. ShadowClan has many different borders framing their territory: SkyClan's border stretches along the north end of their territory, marked by a ridge and a series of other landmarks such as old fox dens and boulders; ThunderClan's border is set along the eastern end of their territory, marked by a stream and dense forest following the water's edge; their final border is along the southern end of their territory, bordering RiverClan, separated by the Greenleaf Twolegplace and a Thunderpath. The lake forms a natural border along the southeast edge of ShadowClan territory, though any cat may pass through safely as long as they remain two tail-lengths from the water. SkyClan cats have been given permission to travel along ThunderClan and ShadowClan's border to and from the lakeshore.
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